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What Pregnant Folks Need to Know About Breastfeeding

MamaTalks live Q&A with Dr. Annie Tubman, family medicine physician and board certified lactation consultant.

Breastfeeding is so natural, but it's not always so easy. There's definitely a learning curve to it! We'll cover the most important info you need to know before your baby arrives to prepare for a smooth transition to breastfeeding. We'll also troubleshoot common problems in newborn breastfeeding and how to deal with them.

-How often and how much will my newborn feed?

-What is colostrum?

-When will my milk come in?

-What does it mean to get a good latch?

-How do I prevent plugged milk ducts and mastitis?

-Does my baby have tongue tie?

-What is breastfeeding jaundice?

-How can I tell if my baby needs breastmilk supplementation?

...And more!


About Dr. Tubman of Northwest Primary Care

I specialize in:

Preventive Health, Women’s Health and Obstetrics, Sports Medicine, LGBTQ Affirming Care, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

I grew up in a tiny town of two hundred, daughter of the area’s only medical provider. Discovering that the practice of medicine was in my blood was a journey that took me over five continents. After majoring in religious studies at Reed College, I worked with the homeless population in Portland, and the Garifuna community on the north coast of Honduras. I attended the Medical School for International Health, a joint program with Columbia University based in the desert of southern Israel. I was overjoyed to return to the Portland area for my family medicine residency training.

My commitment to family medicine is drawn from people and the narratives they carry. I love providing for multi-generational families and individuals in all stages of life. It is my mission to form collaborative partnerships with my patients; not only to manage illness and injury, but also to make decisions about improving overall health and quality of life. With a focus on staying active and a background in sports medicine, I enjoy taking care of athletes of all ages and abilities.

I have a special interest in working with women as they negotiate reproductive choices, pregnancy, and parenthood. I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant candidate and enjoy helping families navigate the challenges of infant feeding.

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