• Liya Leng, MD, MPH

Too Much Milk

MamaTalks with clinical researcher and mother Valene McMorrow.

Too much milk! Breast milk oversupply poses its own problems such as leaking, engorgement, plugged milk ducts, and mastitis. In this episode we talk about the pitfalls of oversupply and how to deal with them.

About Val: In my former life I was a scientist. Now, I’m a mama!

A microbiologist by trade, I made the decision to abandon lab life, and I spent over ten years in the pharmaceutical industry, in the world of clinical trials.

I have always taken a holistic approach to health and wellness, but with the pregnancy of my daughter in 2015, the quest for information on how to care for our minds and bodies naturally became a priority.

My belief is the body is capable of healing itself using the right nutrition, supplements and a little modern medicine when needed.

My goal is to break down the science, educate and help other parents care for their families, using the tools nature intended.

I am currently working on my IBCLC certification and am a chest/breastfeeding counselor, as well as the president of the board for the non-profit, Nursing Mothers Alliance.

You can find me at: Instagram: @scientisttomama

FB: scientisttomama

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