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Prevention & Relief from Postpartum Anxiety and Depression

MamaTalks interview with Dr. Tara O'Connor, psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Postpartum mental health issues are very common. What can you do as a new parent - or as a health provider - to help prevent and alleviate these issues?

Topics covered:

-How common is postpartum anxiety, blues, and depression?

-For pregnant folks, are there ways to prevent postpartum mental health problems?

-How can I tell if what I'm experiencing is "normal" or if it's severe enough that I should seek help from a therapist and/or psychiatric provider?

-Does taking medication affect lactation? What treatments are safest for lactating parents?

-What kind of self-care routines helped you to feel more balanced and joyful after you had your own children?


Dr. Tara holds a doctorate in nursing and is an assistant professor of medicine at OHSU in the Department of Family Medicine. In addition to her work with the university, she has a private practice. Dr. Tara focuses on the treatment of anxiety, trauma related conditions, mood disorders, life transitions, relationship health, expecting and postpartum parents, and supporting health care providers. You can reach her through her Psychology Today profile:

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