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Considering Delivering Your Baby with a Midwife?

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Bump! interviews Lena S. Wood on how to make the right choice for you in this crucial decision.

Although midwives attend only a minority of births in the US, public interest in this area is growing, as described by this article in The Atlantic. You may be surprised to learn that in other countries, for example, Sweden, midwifery is the standard of care for every birth, with obstetricians becoming involved only on a referral basis for high risk pregnancies. But does having a midwife attend the majority of births lead to worse outcomes? Are there conditions that, if a woman has them, she should always seek care from an obstetrician? What are the different types of midwives, and how do their roles differ?

Learn more about these issues in this thought provoking 24 minute interview with certified nurse-midwife Lena S. Wood.

Find out more about Lena's work in bringing mindfulness to childbirth preparation at

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