• Liya Leng, MD, MPH

Baby Sleep Safety

Where your baby will sleep is one of the first decisions you will make as a new parent.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your baby sleep In a bassinet or crib next to your bed. Babies who sleep near, but not in the same bed, as their parents have the lowest risk of SUID (sudden unexpected infant death).

Along those lines, they recommend that the sleeping surface be fairly firm and to not have anything loose in the crib. This includes things such as a second sheet, a blanket, or stuffed animals, to minimize the risk of suffocation.

These guidelines sound simple to carry out, but many families find challenges that they did not expect. For example, some babies are only able to fall asleep when held by a parent.

Other parents feel a lot of anxiety when their baby is sleeping close by, often staying awake hour after hour, listening to every tiny sound and worrying, "Is my baby still breathing?"

It's no wonder this becomes such a difficult and emotional decision for parents. In this webinar, Dr. Liya, MD discusses the science behind safe sleep with pediatricians Dr. Samira Armin, MD, and Dr. Anandita Pal, DO, founders of @ThePediPals.


Dr Samira Armin and Dr Ana Pal, co-founders of the PediPals, are two board certified pediatricians from Houston, Texas. Their goal is to educate parents about frequent parenting questions, offer recommendations on common ailments, and discuss issues faced by children and their parents. They have a prominent presence on social media, recently started their youtube channel, and are also hosts of the popular podcast, The Well Child.The Pedipals have been featured as experts in many news outlets such as KevinMD, Medshadow, SheMD, Romper Magazine and Baby Gaga. They have also collaborated with large parenting brands such as The BabyChick, Love Makja, SleepSense and more. Their podcast, The Well Child, also features medical experts discussing important topics in pediatric and adolescent health.Their mission, as your PediPals, is to educate families in raising health, happy, and well balanced children.


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